It’s all ova. (food, week of 10.28.13)

Arucana Lulu

My daughter got braces this week.  She has the face of an angel, but her smile at present is an orthodontist’s dream for at least the next two years.  Sticky foods, tasty treats, and caramel delights are all over, at least for a while.  She has been a very good sport about the whole thing, but her mouth is sore.  She hasn’t complained about not being able to eat Skittles or Starburst (I know, it’s early), but she’s having trouble with foods that require vigorous chewing.  She (and Lulu dog) went with me to the market and explained during the ride that doughnut holes and chili with rice were so far the only things that didn’t hurt to chew.  Great.

So this week we’re going for food that’s easy on a tender mouth and generally tasty to all of my crew.  If you try only one thing on this week’s list, make it The Kitchn’s tutorial on scrambled eggs.  Breakfast, no matter what time of day you serve it, will never be the same.

And now I’m off to make a Snickers costume for said daughter for Halloween.  If you can’t eat ’em, wear ’em.

Happy week.

jennyslark menu and grocery list 10.28.13


Week of October 28| 2013


Farm Plate

Sausage with bitter greens | Grits | Field peas | Roasted okraI was mean to kale last week, and I want to make up.  Chop that kale (or other bitter green), toss it into a skillet of sausage with a bit of olive oil, and it’s actually quite tasty.   I’ll serve with the old familiars: grits (I use coarse grind), boiled field peas, and roasted okra (toss with a bit of olive oil and roast at 370° ish for about 20 minutes).

fresh eggs

Breakfast for Dinner

Scrambled eggs | Pancetta | Croissants & jamDo yourself (and your family) a favor this week, and try The Kitchn’s recipe for scrambled eggs (unless you already make them this way, in which case, you are way ahead of just about every other egg cooker in your neighborhood).  While you’re cooking those eggs ever so slowly, bake some pancetta on a rack in your oven and warm some croissants.


Lobster Pappardelle | Green Salad

I’ve been looking for pasta recipes that will suit everyone in our house.  The kids like plain buttered noodles (pappardelle and rotini are their favorites).  I like capellini  with lemon and capers (or caviar).  Bernard likes lasagna.  This week will try Cooking Light’s Lobster Pappardelle and see how it goes.  I’ll serve with a plain green salad using a blend of some radicchio and  my new favorite lettuce, drunken woman frizzy head (as if anyone could resist?).

summer market

Gyro Salad with Tzatziki Dressing

I found (and linked) this recipe from Taste of Home earlier this year.  It worked so well, that it’s in the frequent flier section of my recipe pile (set aside in it own special side pile).  It’s quick, delicious, and was very popular with all of the people in my house.  We were lucky enough to pick a few remaining tomatoes before the frost hit this week, and we’re going to enjoy them.

Dale's Pale Ale

Fish & Chips

Fish and chips is another dinner on which we all agree, so hopefully it will make for an agreeable week overall.  I usually use Ina Garten’s recipe for fish and chips, but I found this one on Food 52 that looks like a good alternative.  We’ll probably use Dale’s Pale Ale because we like it, and what we don’t use for cooking will be put to good use.  One for the recipe.  One for the cook.  Isn’t that what Julia Child said?


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