Winter is coming. (food, week of 10.14.13)

Fall greens

Seriously, it is.  But winter’s not here yet, and that’s all the more reason to enjoy what remains of fall’s fresh produce.

If you follow my other blog, Eat Something Great in Memphis, then you may already have read about Outstanding in the Field‘s visit to Memphis this past week.  It was a spectacular event, and the food was incredible – things I would never make at home (roast duck) or think to order off a menu (sweet potato pots de creme).  If the tour comes near where you live next year, it’s well worth the time and money for a unique special event.

That delicious food, prepared fresh on the farm, inspired me to look for some new ideas and recipes to try with the harvest from this week’s farmers market trip.  I found a new recipe for yellow squash & potato gratin at The Kitchn (one of my new favorite food blogs). Bernard is hankering for spring rolls (which he enjoys making), and I’m going to try a new fried rice recipe to accompany them.  Then there’s the basil, loads and loads of it from my own front steps, that just had to come in this week and get whipped up into some pesto.

I know the cold weather is just around the corner, the yellow squash about to disappear until next year.  We’re going to enjoy it while it lasts.  Hope you will also.

Happy week.

Menu and grocery list 10.14.13


Week of October 14| 2013

Fall greens

Farm PlateYellow squash & potato gratin | Stewed eggplant | Green saladI found a great-looking recipe at The Kitchn for a squash/potato/goat cheese gratin that I’m going to try this week.  I’ll also make the last (probably) of the eggplant and serve with a green leaf lettuce salad.  I will probably make some cornbread to go with, so I can be sure there are at least two things my kids will eat (they love squash).

Grow Memphis cherry tomatoes

Lemon-basil pesto chicken spaghetti | Cherry tomatoesI harvested the last of the basil to make even more pesto for my winter freezer.  I added lemon to this batch.  I will poach and shred some chicken breasts then toss the chicken and some thin spaghetti in a good portion of pesto.  Cherry tomatoes on the side, maybe with some sweet peppers. 

True Vine herbs

Thai marinated flank steak & herb saladThe same Thai restaurant that served green curry salmon (from last week’s post) also served a great flank steak salad.  This recipe from Serious Eats looks very similar. 

Apple orchard harvest

Egg with a hat | Pears & applesEgg with a hat was one of my mother’s signature dishes, served usually for breakfast and occasionally for breakfast-for-dinner on Sunday evenings.  This story (and recipe) on epicurious pretty well describes exactly how I think of eggs with a hat and also provides the basic recipe.  Note that her instructions call for a bit of butter; I would say lots.  Serve with fresh, crisp orchard fruit.

Delta Sol board 10.12.13

 Spring rolls | Fried riceThis recipe is Bernard’s favorite, and it’s the same one I included on my 2/25/13 menu.  Reliable and easy for kids to help with, it makes for a fun dinner.  Last time we had these for dinner, though, everyone was hungry again by 8:00.  This time I’ll make some vegetable fried rice to serve on the side and hope that does the trick.  I don’t usually use a recipe for fried rice (no surprise there), but as I was hunting online I saw this one on that looks interesting and different from how I usually prepare (which is onion/carrot/green peas/corn/ginger).  I found fresh bok choy at the farmers market this week, so I’ll throw that in, too.

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  1. Squash – dishes, pics, promotion and recipes rule the day over here, too. They do not belong to my favorite dishes but I would not reject them, either.


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