Seasonal fare. (weekly menu 5.27.13)

Farmers Market Memorial Day 2013

The stretch of time between Memorial Day weekend and the start of school in August (too early!!) gives us about eight weeks of not having to worry about getting kids showered and to bed on time, not having to wonder what test we forgot to help them study for, and not having to hope there’s enough in the refrigerator to pack lunch in the morning.  We’re less structured about dinner, as a result, although we still eat as a family at the table at least five nights a week.

For these eight weeks, I don’t make a plan for kids’ breakfast and lunch but instead just make sure we’re stocked on the basics for sandwich making, cereal and snacks.  For dinner, I try to make things easy so we can enjoy being outside and not spend all our time prepping or cleaning up.  As a result, this week’s plan looks different and includes simpler preparations.

Got suggestions for easy summer fare?  I’d love to share them.  If you find something special at the farmers’ market, I’d also love to know what it is.  The growing season is long, so we plan to enjoy local while we can.

Cheers to an enjoyable holiday weekend.  As you are enjoying time with your family, please remember to give humble thanks to all who have dedicated their lives to our country’s service.  May those now abroad have safe passage home.

Whats for dinner week of May 27 2013

PS – SHAMELESS PROMOTIONAL PLUG: All you good blood donors out there, please don’t forget that patients need you all year long.  Get your summer off to a good start by donating at your local blood bank soon.  Thanks to the good folks at Live at 9 for inviting me on the show to help spread the reminder.