Weekly menu 4.15.13

Funky chicken, National Ornamental Metal Museum

I learned this week that if you Google “blog mom’s perfect lives fake and superficial,” you’ll find links to three of my posts in the five suggested links the search engine returns. They’re not THE top search result (reserved for the actual post with that exact title, written by another blogger), but they’re close. As if I could make that up.

So I thought it might be a good time to clarify a few things about this blog and its writer:

This blog is written by a woman who played an entire mother-daughter tennis round robin last night with her shirt on inside out.

This blog is written by a woman who started today by cleaning up after a sick dog (no, not the new dog) and then drove to Starbucks in her nightgown.

And, for some longer term perspective, this blog is written by a woman who once dropped her car at the mechanic’s on a pretty spring day and walked back to work amid honks, whistles and cat calls from passing drivers. Feeling swell, she arrived at her destination to discover that her skirt was tucked into her underpants.

Yes, friends, this blogging mom is G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S, and don’t you forget it.

And now let’s talk about food.

With the farmers’ markets opening around here last weekend, there was lots of talk about organic versus local. Are locally grown blueberries better or worse than organic ones imported from Chile? Are local greens better or worse than organic ones trucked in from California.

Here’s my opinion: stress is bad for you. So make a decision about what and how you want to eat, and then move on. Eat local, eat organic, eat a bit of both, or eat neither. But don’t waste your time and energy fretting over it, because you’ve got better things to do.

Keep in mind, this advice comes from a woman who once walked six blocks in a Boston suburb with her skirt tucked into her underpants.

Happy week.

Whats for dinner week of April 15 2013


  1. Loved your advise. Laughed so hard thinking about that dress stuck in the wrong place. Just when we think we are looking hot..I can so relate Jen and yes stress is not good. I babe to remind myself every day. Thanks for the laugh..Lisa


  2. I’m still howling…being a card-carrying member of the Shopping-in-Nightwear Club myself.


  3. Love this. Last time I had that many honks and whistles, I was driving with my purse on the roof of my car!


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