Weekly menu, 4.8.13

Easter table 2013

What we planned to eat this past week was very carefully detailed in last week’s (very short) post. What we actually ate was this: Easter brunch leftovers, Easter brunch leftovers, more Easter brunch leftovers, even more E. b. l., and pizza. I’ve had a gracious plenty of deviled eggs (they really were good), ham, and cheese grits, all of which were delicious. And I learned a new cooking trick: cook grits in half and half (no, I’m not making that up) for extra yummy cheese grits that even the pickiest, non-grit-eater will devour.

HogwashPimm's Royale

In true Episcopalian style we washed it all down with a touch of the grape. My friend Brad (Joe’s Wine & Liquor), always reliable for good wine picks, recommended a great rose called Hogwash (no, I’m not making that up either – and I have a picture to prove it). And then there were the Pimm’s Royales (Pimm’s, fruit, cucumber, mint and champagne). All quite tasty and the perfect accompaniments to the bounty of food. Amen to that.

Yesterday spring finally appeared around here, and everyone was exceptionally cheerful to see bright sun and blue sky. The big Memphis farmers’ market opens today (sure to be a scene), although we’ll probably head to the neighborhood one instead (much less likely to be a scene, although there is a crawfish boil starting at 10:00. Y’all come!).

Spring means plenty of fresh, young arugula, my favorite green. I have a healthy crop going, and I also have a full bed of tender young mint. You’ll find both in this week’s menu plan, which I reformatted a bit. I also combined the plan and list into one PDF (why didn’t I think of that sooner?).

Hope the warm sun finds you well this week. Happy eating.

Whats for dinner week of April 8 2013

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