Weekly menu 2.18.13

Menu planning, 2.16.13

It’s now routine: Mom gets the kitchen table and computer for two hours on Saturdays to plan the weekly menus. I don’t even get “Seriously, Mom, you need the computer?” from either of my children. Part of the acceptance is habit, but I think the larger part is that everyone is happier knowing we have a plan to follow. Without the stress of last-minute decision-making requirements every day around 5:30, we’re free to enjoy each other’s company and to do some other things.

Some highlights for us from last week:

We had our annual block Valentine’s crafting party, when the kids on our block gather to make Valentine cards and treats for the neighbors on the block who no longer have little Valentine makers of their own at home.

Vinton Valentines, 2013 Valentine's table, 2013

This year the moms had at least as much fun as the kids, probably more. Next year it may be a moms-only event, replete with Creme de Violette-Champagne refreshments that are now as much a tradition as the glitter on the floor.

Adam Holland's Gumbo

While we were busy crafting, I had a modified version of Adam Holland’s gumbo (from last week’s menu) in the slow cooker. We enjoyed the results on Monday night; even the kids liked it, okra and all (which I did not remove – I just couldn’t bear it).

Oh, and it was Valentine’s! My Valentine, 2013

Bernard surprised me with two hand-blown glasses and a couple of bottles of red, both of which I’ll enjoy in about 36 more days. Not that I’m counting.

This week’s plan is an homage to my cooking idol, Ina Garten. She’s my go-to gal when I’m fresh out of ideas. I own all of her cookbooks and subscribe to her blog. If you don’t, then you should. Really.

Happy week.

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Weekly Shopping List 2.18.13