Summer in the city.


Our neighbor’s roosters flew the coop, again.  To the delight of some and annoyance of others, the colorful fowl have been frequent morning visitors around the block.  Urban free range poultry in our slice of heaven, midtown Memphis.


Figs are my favorite summer fruit.  I wonder sometimes whether that’s because they’re divinely delicious or because they’re available only during the sliver of midsummer.  Our neighbors around the corner, a block from the chicken coop, have magnificent fig tree in their back yard, and they’re glad to share the bounty during the brief few weeks of harvest.  So while the morning walk is spent following roosters, the evening walk is dedicated  to picking figs for tomorrow’s enjoyment.  Yes, in the middle of the city.


It rained.  Finally, after weeks of unrelenting sun and heat, the skies opened.  Without a thought, out the children ran to spin circles in the yard, arms outstretched, feet dancing.  And I thought to myself, how 1974.  How perfectly unsophisticated, uncomplicated and unfettered.  Nestled in 21st century urban life.

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