Summer houseguest

Our neighbors have a houseguest for the summer, or at least until the offspring fly the coop.  A few weeks ago looking up from their favorite porch seats they noticed one of their fans would be temporarily inoperable.  Mama robin had established herself as master of her new house, carefully assembled with a little assistance from her male companion.  Once her nest was ready, she produced an egg a day for several days.  She waited until all were laid before she started incubating so that all the hatchlings would develop at the same time.

She leaves for a few minutes at a time throughout the day, squawking at would-be predators if they get too close while she’s looking for food.  Hatch day will be any day now.  Two weeks of rearing her young, and then the family will move on.  I expect she’ll come back next year, however, knowing good neighbors when she sees them.